Мы создаем индивидуальные концептуальные фуршеты и закусочные столы под любой праздник
What we do?
We can estimate your company opportunities, explore your economic status, analyze your vehicle access and foot traffic.
We develop the main conception of a company according to company target, develop strategies of competitive advantage.
Выездное обслуживание
We develop strategy, conception, and ideology of the project and offer you city-planning ideas.
Welcome coffee
We help startups to create their visual identity, according to our marketing research.
Закусочный стол
We create animated key visuals for young brands, advertising promo videos, and installations.
Корпоративное обслуживание
We create landing pages for products and services, simple and effective, mobile adapted.
Group and individual classes
We collect groups from 5 to 15 students and start new groups every month. Also you can study on individual programs with our teachers. See our special programs prices for newbies.
Online language classes
You can study online with our teachers at any convenient time for you. You can choose your favourite tutor from all in community, choose necessary subjects to exercise if you want to get intensive classes.
Learning language with fun for children from under 5 yo
We develop special classes for kids to start speaking new languages with fun and no fear. All kids will be involved in intellectual games and discussion process.
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